What is life coaching?

Life Coaching is a creative and a thought-provoking process, which looks at here and now, doesn’t investigate past but looks forward to maximising personal and/or professional potential.

Who needs a life Coach?

Coaching is a process for everyone who desires growth in or improves their professional and/or personal lives and wants to achieve it in a structured and scientific way.

Who is a life Coach?

A life coach is a professional who helps the coachee/client to reach their goals by using the right tools to ask the right questions, challenging the right way and channelize the actions in the right direction.

Is Life coach similar to a therapist or a counsellor or a trainer or a mentor?

A life coach is different than a therapist or a counsellor or a trainer or a mentor. A Therapist and a counsellor normally help their client to recover from their past wounds/pains and move towards a lifestyle of healing. A trainer is generally used in a business or sports and is focused on a very specific part of your development. A mentor is an expert in a specific area and who you wish to emulate and learn from. Whereas Life coaching is a collaborative process where Coach and Coachee are partners. Coaches are not to give you answers but help you to find answers.

Is a life Coach bound by any code of conduct/Ethics?

A professional coach is to adhere to the code of conduct and Ethics. A professional coach also adheres to maintain the strictest level of confidentiality with all the information he receives from his client/Coachee unless the release is required by law or there is likely risk of danger to self or to others.