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Leadership Coaching in South Delhi | Corporate Coach in Hauz Khas | Experienced Mentor in Delhi

Prithvi Bijlani is a Chartered accountant and and Experienced Mentor in Delhi. He is an Erikson Certified Life and Corporate Coach in Hauz Khas. Prithvi has accreditations from the International Coach Federation, and provides Leadership Coaching in South Delhi. With more than 40 years of working in various transnational companies in multiple roles, he has had the opportunity of observing people in leadership positions extremely closely. He has been part of Boards and senior management for a large part of his working life. And has developed intimate knowledge of what makes people tick in their work and personal life. This has made him an able and Experienced Mentor in Delhi for many.

While providing Leadership Coaching in South Delhi, he specialises in working with senior management and proprietors whose daily decisions have far reaching impact for both business and the people around them. By acting as an unbiased listener, Prithvi helps his clients (of Corporate Coach in Hauz Khas) to navigate the cross roads they encounter in their lives.

The Experienced Mentor in Delhi Prithvi, fully trusts that the solutions are all embedded within the challenges itself. He simply plays the role of a patient sounding board, using the right tools in asking the right questions and helping you interpret the answers. Together as partners, the Experienced Mentor in Delhi creates a safe space and helps you to discover and achieve the goals you want to attain in your personal and professional life, in his Leadership Coaching sessions in South Delhi.

As the Indian business scenario is a mix of Multinational Companies and Indian family run enterprises, he tailors his Leadership Coaching in South Delhi to address the exact issues that are stopping these companies and their executives from soaring. In that his biggest tools are his ability to listen with empathy, patience, keeping confidentiality and respect for the individual.

The Experienced Mentor in Delhi believes in the principle of life that when in doubt one must just take the next right small step. Take this small step and look forward to a life which although still may have the same problems but will also contain a host of different answers and solutions.

As a Life Coach providing Leadership Coaching in South Delhi Prithvi will help you to help yourself, and he considers it to be a his privilege to work alongside with his clients. in the Corporate Coaching sessions in Hauz Khas he would help form their GOALS and exploit to their maximum POTENTIALS.