Yearly Life Wheel: 2019

Life is all about balance. The more balanced our life, the happier we are. The idea of a balanced life is highly individualistic and everyone has their own equilibrium. However, achieving this idea in this competitive and complex realm we live in can be difficult. What starts of as invigorating determination often gets diluted into drifted strayed effort leading to partial achievement, dissatisfaction and stressed professional & personal life.

Yearly Life wheel is a simple yet very powerful coaching tool which inspires individuals to focus on those areas that form the cornerstone of their overall life. This helps the individual to gain perspective on their idea of balance and eventually assists them in maximising their personal & professional potential.

Every aspect of life needs to be viewed in its individual context and then placed against the whole and evaluated. Most Common areas of the wheel of life are:

·        Professional

·        Personal

·        Financial

·        Relationships: Family, friends

·        Social: includes religious, spiritual or other groups

·        Health including emotional Health


Additional Areas could be:

·        Mental State

·        Attitude

·        Recreation

·        Creativity

Or any other area that plays a dominant role in the individual’s life.

Generally the reason to fail to grow in any particular area is the subconscious which limits belief and creates a fixed mind-set. The Wheel is a great tool to identify goals and drills down for deeper understanding, including an insight into the subconscious level. Typically six to eight areas of life that form the foundation of an individual’s overall life are taken in the wheel. These include strong as well as weak areas. Using this format, the current level of fulfilment is then assessed. Scores are assigned to gauge the level of fulfilment, wherein low scores indicate that goals could be identified to raise these scores and high scores suggest areas where goals could boost the level of fulfilment further.

Yearly Life Coaching is a tool that will help you burst your preconceived notions and help you identify and ponder over different aspects of your life. It aids you in examining the blind spots of your life and to own up to make major improvements to yourself and to your bond with loved ones. Followed up on a fortnightly basis, the sessions help build positive momentum and course correction as needed. They offer a free and frank thought through discussion to identify your key personal and professional objectives for the year.

While Yin and Yang might be the ideal state, we are all human and getting the right balance in life is one of the toughest thing to do. Setting objectives and achieving them are two different things and all of us have met differing levels of success in our effort to become better and more complete. Using the fortnightly sessions, the Yearly Life Wheel Coaching ensures you achieve your set objectives and shape your life instead of living a scattered one. Before I close, I will leave with a quote:

“Never get too busy making a living that you never make a life”.

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