Depression counseling in South Delhi


Counseling is a brief term that involves topics ranging from professional guidance to resolving personal troubles and complications. In a layman’s term, it is a process which requires listening to whatever a person has to say and then suggesting ways in which they can find a solution for themselves. It usually involves one-to-one interaction. Counseling emphasizes the mindset of a person and their interaction with the environment, they are exposed to. Depression counseling in South Delhi is one such effort that aspires to reach out to people who are in distress. Apart from that, family therapy in Delhi is also a popular option to go after.

When to go for counseling in south Delhi?

Contrary to contemporary beliefs, counseling in south Delhi can be sought in any conflicting situation. When negative emotions like grief, anger, and confusion engulf a person for a longer period of time than usual, counseling is necessary. It focuses on getting to the root of the situation and inspecting the possible solution to it.  Moreover, an experienced counselor can be sought in terms of internal confusion and joint issues that involve the family too. Family therapy in Delhi is the right alternative in that case. A grave situation like depression is handled by a counselor. A humble attempt is made to provide depression counseling in Delhi like any other city, with the sole aim of relieving the problems of those affected. While going through this blog on counseling, it is important for the readers and seekers to know the distinction between the terms that are synonymous with this profession.

  • Counselor– A counselor is a person who is capable of professionally suggesting solutions to an affected person.
  • Psychologist– A psychologist focuses on the behavioral patterns of an affected person and employs psychotherapy according to the observation.
  • Psychiatrist– A psychiatrist is a trained doctor who has additional expertise in the field of psychology. A psychiatrist can prescribe medications to their patients.
  • Psychotherapist- A psychotherapist is a person who applies psychological methods to help the affected person out of his problem. Depending on their academic qualification, a psychotherapist could be a counselor, psychologist or a psychiatrist.

Assessment and Screening

Assessment is the process of assessing the nature and ability of a person. Psychological assessments include a combination of techniques to access a person’s overall behavior, personality and capabilities. A psychological screening, on a related note, is the assessment of the personal records in relation to psychological diagnosis. These testing techniques come in different age groups and are used widely in child and adolescent counseling.

Types of counseling offered generally

Counseling and support are enacted with a motive to assist people with their day-to-day problems and to help them acknowledge the brighter side of life. This section covers a few areas that include Child and adolescent counseling, Marriage counselors in Hauz Khas, family therapy in Delhi as well as depression counseling in South Delhi.

  • Depression Counseling in South Delhi: This field of expertise requires the total dedication of a psychotherapist. Like every developing city, Depression counseling in South Delhi is available with the intention to take away the issues that bothers a person’s psyche.
  • Marriage Counselors in Hauz Khas: A marriage is an institution, which requires mutual commitment and a will to resolve matters. Marriage counseling is an umbrella term that shelters every aspect of a couple’s relationship. Through marriage counseling in Hauz Khas, couples can resolve any issue that a marriage faces.
  • Family therapy in Delhi: Family therapy in Delhi is a commonly sought-after for disturbing issues that might exist within a family. Family therapy examines the environment in a family and intervenes to help the members find a joint solution to their doubts and problems.
  • Child and adolescent counseling: Making the child realize his/her potential is a responsibility and a true virtue. Child and adolescent counseling is usually provided to children and adolescents to help them with their emotional growth overseeing their environment. Delhi, a rising city, provides trust able child and adolescent counseling to children of all ages and to adolescents.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: Marriage counselors in Hauz Khas and surrounding areas work with an utmost will and dedication. CBT or cognitive-behavioral therapy involves the application of effective psychotherapeutic models for complications such as depression, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, eating disorders and mental illness.

With the rising percentage of population and people committed to their work life, Delhi has become a busier city than ever. This has enabled the rise of counselors who genuinely feel a need to work towards relieving people of their problematic issues. Counseling is thus, leading its way towards a reform that is done by the people for the people.

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